Sunday, February 8, 2009


So I just have to say that I love, love, love my primary class! I teach CTR5 which is Braxton's class and they are so cute, but I had to share what one little girl named Abigail said today. We were sitting in Primary and they were being taught a new song called How firm a foundation which is in the hymn book. Sister Byram asked everyone if they new what a hymn was.. Without hesitation Abigail blurts out "Yes I know it's a boy"!!!!!!!!! We were all laughing so hard we were in tears and to top it off there were many visitors including the Stake Primary Presidency!!! So cute! I love the truths and honesty of all these little kids. It just blows me away how much they know and how much they want to learn. They have learned the song God Gave us Families and they sang it so well today that it brought me to tears and you could feel the spirit in that primary room so strong!! Conclusion: I love primary!!


So my mom called yesterday morning and my Dad wanted to take the kids sledding behind his tractor in their pasture and the kids had so much fun!! It was beautiful day and they were out there for hours! He finally had to tell Paytin and Braxton that he was tired because I think they would have stayed out there all day! He took Bridger and Addison for a little ride and they didn't know what they thought about that! Braxton also told Paytin that he wanted to ride with her so that she could hold him!! Here are some cute pictures of all my nieces and nephews minus Brooks', we missed you buddy!!! You would have had a ball! My dad even made them a fire in his fire pit to keep them warm! Thanks Dad/Grandpa for doing that for our kids! Thanks Mom/Grandma for all the yummy snacks! We love you both!

Christmas 2008